Climate Insights: Policies and Politics

The level of policy adoption and implementation of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development varies across countries. However, there are promising commitments and initiatives.

The “Climate Insights: Policies and Politics” policy recommendation will serve to inform senior decision-makers about the integration of Climate Change in educational curricula based on the insights and the conclusions of the project run in the four partner countries.

The final project Result has the following innovation features:

  • remains relevant by continually focusing on questions and effects of concern to stakeholders;
  • assessment team and approach is multidisciplinary;
  • entail constant interactions between research and assessment communities to ensure key research gaps are filled;
  • carefully characterize uncertainties and explain their implications for stakeholder decisions;
  • provide relevant information in a useful format that has meaning to stakeholders.
  • an interactive process that builds on previous assessments to provide information required to support decisions and policy development;
  • models and tools to support decision-making will be developed.

Executive summary



Activity 1

Definition of the problem or issue. Highlight the urgency and state significant findings for the problem based on the data.

Activity 2

Research relevant background and context.

Activity 3

Methodology. Development the methodology and relegate the micro data, survey questions, and the specific details for the rationale.

Activity 4

Case Studies and Best Practices.

Activity 5

Preparation of the policy recommendation document for approval by the partners. Policy recomendation Document