Project meetings

The second online meeting took place on 14 March 2023. The platform used was Zoom and all organisations participated. In this meeting, the consortium was able to review the progress and development of the project, establishing deadlines and resolving aspects of the project. 
In this meeting, The University of Latvia started the meeting by discussing important administrative issues such as multiplier events and Teaching Training Activities. The leading partners of each result of the project, presented the main progress of their respective results:
  • University of Aegean presented the progress on Result 2, reviewing the comic book and reminding about the script translations.
  • Fundación Siglo22 introduced the development of the Result 3.
  • University of Aegean and all partners organizations discussed about the Climatopia Pilots Deployment Plan.
Finally, Fundación Siglo22 showed the progression of dissemination activities such as social media, visual identity, logos, and website.


See you at the next meeting!