Project meetings

At the first transnational meeting of the Climatopia project in Riga, we had the opportunity to meet all the people who will be working on the project and to see the progress that has been made so far.  
First, Siglo22 showed the progress of the project's visual identity and logo. The other participants decided which logo variant was most suitable and the final logo that will be used throughout the project was established.
In relation to the results, a review of the progress and tasks to be carried out in each of them was carried out, setting deadlines for their completion:
  • All partners made a review of the progress of Result 1- "Theoretical and Psychological Framework" and some relevant aspects of this result were discussed. Also, the most relevant aspects of the story, such as its presentation, were discussed.
  • Regarding Result 2, which consists of a Comic Book and a Self-Training Handbook, the partners discussed the guidelines for students and agreed that the materials should be translated into the languages of each organisation of the consortium.
  • Concerning the Result 3- Climatopia Simulation and Decision-Making Game, the partners agreed that the game will focus its storyline on the content of the comic book and will consist of an interactive simulation game with different scenes.
  • Finally, the partners discussed the Result 4 - "Climatopia Deployment Plan" and decided that it was essential to assess the knowledge and progress of the students, so the evaluation forms were discussed.

It was a pleasure to meet the project partners and we are looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting!