Climatopia Educational Kit

Many authors have remarked that climate change seems to be a problem almost designed to defy human understanding.

But comic panels can compress time and space, making these invisible connections more clear, much like what happens when we look at a scientific diagram. In recent years, comics have been used to engage non-expert readers with a whole variety of scientific subjects, from neuroscience to genetics and astrophysics. And yet, climate change remains a largely unexplored subject for comics—especially if compared to the volume of ink spilled on the subject.

The Climatopia comics will address this need.

Target Groups Primary and lower secondary pupils School leaders and teachers Parents and families Elements of Innovation Often parents and teachers consider comic and digital games as the ultimate enemy of children’s education. For decades the two worlds, the world of comics and gaming and the world of education, are competing each other to attract children’s interest.

This second result aims to develop a comprehensive, ready to use, self-directed learning educational kit on Climate Change including valid scientific knowledge in the field in an entertaining, yet serious way.


Activity 1

The "Climatopia Comic Book" that will include the scientific knowledge the children need to acquire combining the benefits of visualization with powerful metaphors and character-driven narratives. Climate change, its causes and consequences as well as attitudes and policies to be adopted to stop or even reverse the phenomenon and related concepts such as the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4), recycling, biodiversity, renewable energy sources and green economy, will be approached in the form of questions and problems faced by the characters of the story.

The heroes of the comic will deal with widespread misconceptions about the above concepts and phenomena in order to find answers and solutions. The comic book will include six stories at different social settings: at home, at school, in the local community (i.e. Municipality Council), at work (i.e. decision-making in a business environment), at the European Council and at the G20.

The stories will be unfinished and pupils will continue and end them. In this way they will have the opportunity to build their empathy and self-efficacy along with a series of skills related to comics creation. UAegean will be responsible to write and illustrate the Comic Book and partners will provide feedback before the finalization and translations in Latvian, German, Greek and Spanish.

Climatopia Comic Book


Activity 2

Climatopia Self-Training Handbook. Intended for the adults working with the children-either teachers or parents guardians- including three Chapters: Chapter 1: Basic scientific concepts related with climate change. Chapter 2: Guidelines on the general components of comic creation activities. The stories will not end. Pupils will familiarize with the general components of comic creation activities: ideation of the end, plot development, script, art production, pencils, inks, colours, letters, editorial, printing, marketing, distribution developing their green skills, to write their own ending. This process addresses multiple intelligences and with the support of an adult, children find the role that best fit their needs, interests, and talents so they can thrive. Chapter 3: Open Educational Resources for comics creation. There will be pre-posts tests to measure the knowledge gained and a rubric with specific ESD criteria to measure the impact of the project in the creation of the continuation of the stories by the children. UAegean will be responsible for the compilation of the three chapters in one handbook. Selected parts will be translated in Latvian, German, Greek and Spanish. Handbook